24k Gold
24k Gold
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24k Gold

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This luxurious 24k gold handmade soap is made with edible 24 carat gold, virgin coconut oil, organic glycerin, organic sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and scented with lavender fragrance.

Gold gives you a beautiful, glowing and youthful skin. It increases skin's elasticity, simulated the cells making the skin firm, slows down the collagen depletion, improves blood circulation and prevents wrinkles, aging and tanning.

Glycerin can be applied to all skin types including oily skin. It treats oily skin conditions, like acne, skin infections, wrinkles and fine lines, and makes the skin moist, soft and supple.

Sweet almond oil is full of vitamin E that keeps your skin cells healthy and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines.